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Social Media Management



While 5000 flyers can reach an audience of 7500 – 10000 readers we often see that poor design coupled with the wrong target market could get you less than 50% of the expected exposure.

Social media platforms on the other hand have millions of users, giving more exposure to your brand, services or products and with various forms of analytics we can track interaction, leads, sales and customer feedback.

Social media management is not only limited to advertising but includes community building and customer service.

As there a various social media platforms available, our research team will help you reach the right audience and take your brand to the next level.

Why you need social media?

While most corporates in South Africa have already jumped onto the social media band wagon many smaller businesses have also come to realise that the social media platform cannot be ignored any more. The amount of exposure a brand will get through social media cannot be easily replicated through other advertising mediums.

Many consumers are now referring to social media pages to interact and engage with brands and as long as a business does not embrace the social media era you will not realise the full potential of your business.

What we do

Building a social media profile takes time and time is a scarce commodity thats why we want you to focus on what you do best and leave your social profile to the professionals. Our social media services will manage the following areas of your brand:

  1. Product and service research
  2. Market research
  3. Social profile design & branding
  4. Grow fans and follower base
  5. Personal interactions with fans / followers
  6. Run promotions and competitions concurrently with business
  7. Monthly reports
  8. Social network advertising campaigns

We also offer other online marketing services which could be combined with the above.

  • SMS campaigns
  • Manage advertising campaigns

Social media needs to be updated regularly with relevant content which will improve your followers experience and feel it worth while consuming your content.

Should you be interested in running a social media campaign for short or long periods contact us to discuss your requirements and costing.

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